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Parties to the Award

Federal industrial relations legislation

Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904

Industrial Relations Act 1988

Registered organisations
Associations eligible to register
Interstate disputes
Prior existence of an association
Definition of industry
Size requirements
Rights of registered organisations
Obligations of registered organisations
Dual registration
Deregistered organisations
Employer associations

Amalgamation trends

Research using archives



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Employer associations

As noted earlier, the number of federally registered employer associations is much less representative of the total number operating in the federal system than registered trade unions. This fact should be taken into account when using Parties to the Award.

Employer associations often serve dual roles, operating also as trade associations. This dual role is sometimes reflected in the name, for example the industrial arm of the NSW Farmers' Association is registered as the NSW Farmers' (Industrial) Association. The federally registered Commonwealth Steamship Owners' Association (CSOA) was identical in composition to the Australasian Steamship Owners' Federation (ASOF), differing only in function. The CSOA handled industrial relations matters whilst the ASOF dealt with matters relating to the Navigation Act (navigation regulations, freights, cargo, manning, timetables etc).

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