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Martin, Ross
The ACTU Congress of 2000
Labour History
vol. 79, 2000, pp. 201-212

This article reports on the first triennial ACTU Congress, held in Wollongong from 26 to 29 June 2000. It was the first Congress at which both the ACTU president and secretary were new and the author comments on the mix of newness and continuity evident at the Congress. This Congress saw an increased involvement in international issues, such as globalisation, and an emphasis on the role of rank-and-file trade unionists, in the adoption of the Charter of Workplace Union Delegate Rights. The ACTU's administrative restructuring, including the establishment of a Communications and Campaigns Section, was reported. Concerns debated included the continuing decline in trade union density, the policies of the Coalition government, and the union movement's relationship with the ALP. Martin concludes that Greg Combet effectively maintained the remarkable consensus which has characterised the ACTU's internal policies