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Government Agency entry Australian Conciliation & Arbitration Commission (1973 - 1988)

Regulatory Body


The Australian Conciliation & Arbitration Commission was established in 1973. It effectively took over the role of the Commonwealth Conciliation & Arbitration Commission which was formed in 1956 following the demise of the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation & Arbitration.

In 1988, after consideration of the Hancock recommendations, the Government introduced a
legislative reform package, the centrepiece of which was the repeal of the Conciliation and Arbitration Act and its replacement by the Industrial Relations Act 1988. The new Act completely revised the provisions of the old Act and, while maintaining most of its predecessor's substance, introduced a number of changes to federal industrial arrangements.

Perhaps the most significant change was the establishment of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to replace the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission.


 1904 - 1956 Commonwealth Court of Conciliation & Arbitration
       1920 - 1984 Public Service Arbitrator
       1956 - 1973 Commonwealth Conciliation & Arbitration Commission
             1973 - 1988 Australian Conciliation & Arbitration Commission
                   1988 - Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Ross G. Elford