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Government Agency entry Industrial Relations Bureau (1977 - 1983)


Regulatory Body


The Industrial Relations Bureau was established under the Conciliation and Arbitration Amendment Act 1977. The role of the Bureau was to secure the observance of the Conciliation and Arbitration Amendment Act 1904 and regulations and awards.

The Central Office was established on 1 March 1978 and located in Melbourne to enable easy access to the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission and the Australian Council of Trade Unions. The Bureau’s divisions were the Advisings and General Branch, the Special Activities Division, the Industrial Regulations Division and the Management Branch.

In 1983 the Industrial Relations Bureau was abolished by the Conciliation and Arbitration Amendment Act, No 33, 1983. Its functions were taken over by the Arbitration Inspectorate Division of the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations.

Ross G. Elford