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Government Agency entry Industrial Commission of South Australia (1966 - )

South Australia
Regulatory Body


Amendments made to the Industrial Code during 1966 established the Industrial Commission of South Australia which, in general, has the same award making powers as the Industrial Court previously had. The President of the Industrial Court became President of the Commission and in addition was the sole Judge of the Industrial Court. In effect, the arbitral functions of the Industrial Court, which was constituted by a President and not more than two Deputy Presidents, were now exercised by the Commission as constituted by the President and two Commissioners (Full Commission) or by any one of them, as directed by the President. Although the President must be a person eligible for appointment as a Judge of the Supreme Court, the two Commissioners, who are appointed by the Governor, are not required to have legal qualifications. The Act provided that one must be experienced in industrial affairs through association with employers’ interests, and the other must have similar experience by having been associated with trade union affairs.


 1920 - 1966 Board of Industry
       1966 - Industrial Commission of South Australia

Ross G. Elford