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Government Agency entry Industrial Boards (1920 - 1967)

South Australia

South Australia
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Industrial Boards were set up by the Minister of Labour and Industry upon recommendation of the Board of Industry. Industrial boards consisted of a chairman and four, six or eight members, being an equal number of employer and employee representatives. Members were required, with one exception on each side, to be actual employers or employees in the industry group concerned, and were selected by the Industrial Court after calling for nominations. The chairman, who was in practice a legal practitioner, was elected by members, or failing agreement, was nominated by the Court.

Each industrial board made determinations concerning wages and conditions of employment for workers within its particular industry group. The jurisdiction of most industrial boards is confined to the metropolitan area; however, in the case of government employees determinations of industrial boards apply to the whole State.

Industrial (or Wages) Boards which had operated since 1920, were reconstituted as Conciliation Committees as a result of amendments to the Industrial Code in 1967.


 1920 - 1967 Industrial Boards
       1967 - Conciliation Committees (South Australia)

Ross G. Elford