The ATUA website was relaunched in November 2010, with a new look and search features, as well as data enhancement. This work was undertaken with funding from the University of Melbourne via a Scholarly Information Innovation Grant from the University Library.

For this round of work, we would like to thank: Melissa Downing, Joanne Evans, Helen Morgan and Ailie Smith (eScholarship Research Centre); Maggie Shapley (Noel Butlin Archives); Melinda Barrie, Jane Ellen, Suzanne Fairbanks and Helen McLaughlin (University of Melbourne Archives); Susan Jones (University of Wollongong Archives); Bruce Smith, and Russ Weakley.

Acknowledgements from the 2001 edition

This project has been made possible through a grant from the Australian Research Council under the Research Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Scheme, 2001.

We are grateful for the financial assistance of the Australian Research Council, without which this project would never have begun and for the financial and technical assistance provided by the project partners: Michael Piggott, University Archivist at the University of Melbourne; Dr Sigrid McCausland, University Archivist at the Australian National University; Michael Organ, University Archivist at the University of Wollongong; Professor Sue McKemmish, Monash University and Gavan McCarthy, Director of the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre.

For his hard work in co-ordinating the project and leading the project team, special thanks go to Bruce Smith, RMIT University. Of the members of the project team, extra credit must go to Ross Elford for assuming the lion's share of the research, data entry and database management. Thanks also to the other members of the project team, Sophie Papadopoulos and Jack Martin for their dedication to the task, and to Barbara Cytowicz for her assistance.

For their ongoing advice and input into the project, we thank the members of the Professional Reference Group: Bill Mansfield, Australian Council of Trade Unions; Denis Rowe, University of Newcastle; Don Boadle, Charles Sturt University and Terry Irving, The University of Sydney; in particular, Sarah Brown, Victorian Trades Hall Council; Margy Burn, National Library of Australia; Peter Love, Swinburne University of Technology.

Special thanks to Raj Jadeja of the Noel Butlin Archives Centre for creating the invaluable Parties to the Award which provided the inspiration for the project.

Thank you to colleagues at the eScholarship Research Centre for providing and developing the systems architecture and site management tools, the Online Heritage Resource Manager (OHRM) and Web Academic Resource Publisher (WARP), in particular to Joanne Evans and Helen Morgan.

Thank you to the many people who provided advice and additional information along the way: Dr Mark Richmond and Suzanne Fairbanks, University of Melbourne Archives; Emma Jolley, Noel Butlin Archives Centre; James Andrighetti, Mitchell Library; Jock Murphy, La Trobe Library; Daphne Adams, Victorian Trades Hall Library; Neale Towart, NSW Trades and Labour Council.

Thanks also to the many people who provided information about their organisations and to the staff of the University of Melbourne Archives for their support.

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