Using ATUA

ATUA is based around the organisations, personalities and events that constitute labour history in Australia. These are referred to in ATUA as 'entities'. It is from each entity page that further information such as events, dates, and archival and published resources can be sourced.

There are two main entry points to ATUA's entities:

  • Users familiar with the names of entities may browse alphabetically through the entire database listing. However, users only familiar with a word or a term associated with the entity sought can use the search facility at the top of every page.
  • Alternatively, users can seek out entities by using the alphabetical index to Parties to the Award which links to the appropriate pedigree chart.

Entry points for ATUA

Can you help us?

Trade union records have become the subject of collecting interest within the archival profession; however, we are sure that some of these records will have escaped our attention. If you know of existing records not listed in the gateway that should be, we welcome your comments/suggestions.

Similarly, if you know of any corrections or additions that need to be made to any details contained in the gateway, please contact us.