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The Australian Industry Group is an independent, representative body created by the merger of the Metal Trades Industry Association of Australia [MTIA] and The Australian Chamber of Manufactures. Representing some 11,500 companies, large and small, in every state and territory, the Australian Industry Group is currently the largest existing industry body in Australia.


 1877 - 1881 Manufacturers & Exhibitors Association
       1881 - 1984 Victorian Chamber of Manufactures
             1885 - 1988 Chamber of Manufactures of New South Wales (i)
             1978 - 1984 Textile Council of Australia Limited
             1984 - 1988 Australian Chamber of Manufactures (i)
                   1926 - 1970 Metal Trades Employers Association
                   1984 - 1992 Textile Clothing & Footwear Council of Australia
                   1988 - 1992 Australian Chamber of Manufactures (ii)
                         1970 - Metal Trades Industry Association of Australia
                         1992 - Australian Chamber of Manufactures (iii)
                                Australian Industry Group

Ross G. Elford