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Government Agency entry Australian Capital Territory Industrial Board (1936 - ?)

Australian Capital Territory
Regulatory Body


The Industrial Board Ordinance 1936-1938 provided for an Industrial Board in the Australian Capital Territory and was established by Australian Capital Territory Ordinance No 12 of 1936. A Chairman and four other persons were to be appointed by the Governor-General as members of the Board. Representatives were to be from the Commonwealth, private employers, Commonwealth employees and private employees.

The Board was to have jurisdiction to hear and determine all matters relating to salaries, wages, rates of pay or terms or conditions of service or employment of employees in the Territory.

On 19 October 1944, Dr H.V. Evatt announced that provision had been made for the temporary reconstitution of the Australian Capital Territory Industrial Board until 30 June 1945. Mr G.A. Findlay was to be the new chairman of the Board. The Industrial Board Ordinance was administered by the Attorney General's Department.

Ross G. Elford