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Government Agency entry Western Australian Industrial Commission (1964 - 1979)

Western Australia
Regulatory Body


The Western Australian Industrial Commission superseded the role of the Court of Arbitration in 1964 and consisted of a Chief Industrial Commissioner and three other Commissioners. The Industrial Arbitration Act provided that a Commissioner sitting or acting alone constituted the Commission and exercised all the powers and jurisdiction of the Commission.

The Commission was empowered to inquire into any industrial matter or industrial dispute in any industry and to make orders or awards fixing the prices for work done by and the rates of wages payable to workers; fixing the number of hours and the times to be worked in order to entitle those workers to the wages so fixed; limiting the hours of piece workers; fixing the rates for overtime, work on holidays, shift work, week-end work and other special work, including allowances as compensation for overtime; determining any other special work, including allowances for as compensation for overtime; determining any industrial matter; and declaring what deduction may be made from the prices or wages of workers for board or residence or board and residence provided for workers and for any customary provisions or payments in kind conceded to such workers.

The Commission in Court Session was constituted by not less than three Commissioners sitting or acting together. Appeals from decisions of a single Commissioner were heard and determined by the Commission in Court Session. Such appeals were restricted to the evidence and matters raised in the proceedings before the single Commissioner.


 1901 - 1964 Court of Arbitration of Western Australia
       1964 - 1979 Western Australian Industrial Commission
             1979 - Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Ross G. Elford