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Ellem, Bradon and Shields, John
Placing Peak Union Purpose and Power: The Origins, Dominance and Decline of the Barrier Industrial Council
Economic and Labour Relations Review
vol. 12, no. 1, 2001, pp. 61-84

he power and purpose of peak union bodies is examined, particularly the unique position of the BIC. The role and leadership position of the ACTU is considered, the seat of its authority, derived from political and institutional associations, and as an agent for mobilisation both political and industrial. The BIC became virtually a 'state within a state', in Broken Hill, NSW. It was formed after industrial and inter-union disputes, rapidly fully unionised mineworkers and moved to unionise town workers. The labour supply was regulated by its imposition of residential, and in the case of women marital status, qualifications. Commodity supplies also fell under their regulation. The influence of the BIC gradually declined from the 1970s; mines closed and State regulation increased

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