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    Chart 2: Peak National Councils - Manufacture, Commerce and Industry

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The Retailers' Council of Australia was originally known as the Australian Retailers' Association [ARA]. The Australian Retailers' Association [ARA] was formed in 1974 by major retailers and various state retail associations in a bid to improve the image of the Australian Council of Retailers' Association, and more importantly to improve the image of the industry at a National level. It was funded by membership from some individual major companies and State Associations. The companies paid the major amount although representation was generally equal between the States and the major companies. Before long the ARA was suffering from a dominance of major companies in determining agenda and actions and a general lack of direction. The various state associations decided to restructure the ARA to make it more representative of the whole of the retailing industry. This was achieved by 1989 with the formation of the Retail Traders' Association of Australia [RTAA]. Two years later, however, the RTAA had reinvented itself again, this time as the Retailers' Council of Australia.


 1974 - 1989 Australian Retailers Association
       1989 - 1991 Retail Traders Association of Australia
             1991 - Retailers Council of Australia

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Chart 2: Peak National Councils - Manufacture, Commerce and Industry


Bruce A. Smith