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Government Agency entry Industrial Registry (1970s - 1997)

New South Wales

New South Wales
Regulatory Body


On 1 July 1926 the Industrial Registrar became responsible for registering trade unions as well as industrial unions, a duty which had previously been performed by the Registrar of Friendly Societies under the Trade Union Act, 1881. This change was directed by the Trade Union (Amendment) Act, 1926.

The Industrial Arbitration Act, 1991 (Act No.34, 1991) changed the way in which unions were registered. Instead of being registered as a "Trade Union" under the Trade Union Act, 1881 or as an "industrial union" under the Industrial Arbitration Act, 1940 they were registered as "organisations". There are three types of organisations: Industrial organisations of employers; industrial organisations of employees; and non-industrial organisations. The Industrial Register was responsible for administering this and was required to submit an annual report.

In 1997 the Registry was situated under the administration of the Department of Industrial Relations (the former Department of Labour and Industry). It served the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales as well as industrial organisations, employers and employees, members of the legal profession and lay industrial advocates. The duties of the Registry included providing support to the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales, registering enterprise agreements, registering industrial unions, publishing awards and administering the Employment Protection Act 1982.


 1901 - 1912 Industrial Arbitration Office
       1881 - 1926 Registrar of Friendly Societies
       1912 - 1918 Industrial Registrars Office
             1918 - 1970s Industrial Registrars Branch
                   1970s - 1997 Industrial Registry

Ross G. Elford