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Government Agency entry Industrial Arbitration Office (1901 - 1912)

New South Wales

New South Wales
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The registry of the Court of Arbitration from 1901 was known as the Industrial Arbitration Office. Apart from the registration of industrial unions and the determination of applications for permits to work at less than award rates, the activities of the Office consisted mainly of carrying to completion orders made by the Court.

Under the Industrial Arbitration Act of 1912 an Industrial Registrar was appointed and the registry became known as the Industrial Registrar's Office. The duties of the Registrar included the registration of industrial unions, the filing of industrial agreements and the conduct of any inquiry as directed by the judge for which inquiries the Registrar was empowered to summon persons, administer oaths and take affidavits, and examine parties and witnesses. For the purpose of hearing and determining any proceedings for a penalty or for the recovery of money under the Act the Registrar was given the powers of two justices of the peace. The Registrar came under the jurisdiction of the Department of Labour and Industry.

From 1918 the registry was known as the Industrial Registrar's Branch, becoming the Industrial Registry in the 1970s.

The Trade Union (Amendment) Act of 1926 transferred the powers, duties and functions imposed upon the Registrar of Friendly Societies, under the Trade Union Act of 1881, to the Industrial Registrar.

The Industrial Registry, which is administratively part of the Department of Industrial Relations, is concerned with the administration of the Industrial Arbitration Act. It provides a registry service to industrial tribunals, registers industrial organisations under the Trade Union Act and the Industrial Arbitration Act, keeps related records, prepares and publishes awards and orders of industrial tribunals, and administers the Employment Protection Act.


 1901 - 1912 Industrial Arbitration Office
       1912 - 1918 Industrial Registrars Office
             1918 - 1970s Industrial Registrars Branch
                   1970s - 1997 Industrial Registry

Ross G. Elford