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    Chart 12: Finance and Commerce

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In response to an unprecedented level of upheaval in the Australian finance industry during the late 1980s and early 1990s, the unions that represent finance industry employees united to form the Finance Sector Union [FSU], now the fifth-largest union in the country. The FSU was founded in July 1991 when the two main trade union players in the banking and insurance industries - the Australian Bank Employees' Union [ABEU] and the Australian Insurance Employee's Union [AIEU] voted to amalgamate and create the FSU. Three smaller unions also linked up: the AMP Society Staff Association, Trustee Companies Officers' Association and Wool Brokers' Staff Association. In March 1994, the FSU was further strengthened when the Commonwealth Bank Officers' Association [CBOA] joined with the FSU.

The Finance Sector Union is registered with the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions. The Union has branches in all States and National Offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Full time officials are elected for a four year term by the members.


 1919 - 1938 Bank Officials Association
       1920 - 1976 Australian Insurance Staffs Federation
       1938 - 1978 Australian Bank Officials Association
             1922 - 1991 Trustee Companies Officers Association
             1944 - 1991 AMP Society Staff Association
             1953 - 1991 Wool Brokers Staffs Association
             1976 - 1991 Australian Insurance Employees Union
             1978 - 1991 Australian Bank Employees Union
                   1991 - 1994 Finance Sector Union of Australia (i)
                         1994 - Finance Sector Union of Australia (ii)

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Chart 12: Finance and Commerce


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