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Brian Boyd joined the Builders Labourers' Federation [BLF] while working as a builders' labourer in 1971 and completing his tertiary education. His university years were marked by his anti-Vietnam War activity. In 1976 he became a full time builders' labourer and in 1979 became a part time Builders Labourers' Federation organiser. In the 1980s he became a full time organiser, Melbourne central district organiser and later, the Industrial Officer and Asbestos and Health and Safety Officer of the National BLF. In 1988 he resigned from the BLF to become a full time industrial officer in the Victorian Trades Hall Council, and wrote Inside the BLF, an analysis of the destruction of the Union under Gallagher. In 2005 Brian Boyd was elected the Secretary of the Victorian Trades Hall Council. He also became a member of the ACTU Executive. Brian Boyd was re-elected as Victorian Trades Hall Secretary in 2009.

Archival resources

The University of Melbourne Archives

  • Brian Boyd Papers, c. 1978 - 1988, 1991.0099; The University of Melbourne Archives. Details

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