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Peak Union body entry South Coast Labor Council (1949 - ?)

New South Wales
Trade Union (Peak Body)


Formed in 1943 as the Illawarra District Trades & Labor Council, this body of union representatives sought to advocate the rights and conditions of workers in and around Wollongong. Indeed, although based in Wollongong, the Council's influence extended right throughout the South Coast of New South Wales. As if to reflect this, the Council changed names in 1949 to become the South Coast Labor Council. Never just concerned with wages and conditions, the South Coast Labor Council involved itself in many social issues of the times, such as, for example, migrancy, medical benefits, indigenous Australians, peace movements and the the environment.

Archival resources

University of Wollongong Archives

  • South Coast Labour Council (SCLC) - Records, C63; University of Wollongong Archives. Details
  • South Coast Labour Council 1927-1990s - Records, 1928 - 1992, D169; University of Wollongong Archives. Details

Ross G. Elford