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Trade Union entry Central Queensland Labourers Union (1888 - 1889)

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The Central Queensland Labourers' Union was formed in 1888 at Barcaldine, Queensland. By 1889 the Union was known simply as the Queensland Labourers' Union. During this period negotiations had been in progress for amalgamatoin of all the Bush Unions, resulting in both bodies in Queensland agreeing at their annual meetings in December 1891 to become one organisation under the title of the Amalgamated Workers' Union of Queensland. The country was worked from three centres under branches which kept in touch ith each, and whose annual meetings decided upon a uniform policy. Their respective headquarters were at Longreach, Hughenden and Charleville.

Meanwhile the unions in the southern colonies had formed together under the name of the Australian Workers' Union in 1894. The Queensland section of the Bush Unions, namely the Amalgamated Workers' Union of Queensland joined the AWU in 1904 and became branches of that organisation.

The Australian Workers' Union operated as such until 1993, when it merged with the Federation of Industrial Manufacturing & Engineering Employees to form the AWU-FIME Amalgamated Union.


 1888 - 1889 Central Queensland Labourers Union
       1889 - 1892 Queensland Labourers Union
             1892 - 1904 Amalgamated Workers Union of Queensland
                   1905 - 1976 Australian Workers Union (i)
                         1976 - 1988 Australian Workers Union (ii)
                               1988 - 1993 Australian Workers Union (iii)
                                     1993 - AWU-FIME Amalgamated Union

Bruce A. Smith