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Trade Union entry Amalgamated Workers Union of Queensland (1892 - 1904)

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The Amalgamated Workers' Union of Queensland was formed through the merging of the powerful Queensland Shearers' Union and the Queensland Workers' Union in April 1892. The three branches of the Amalgamated Workers' Union of Queensland, at Longreach, Hughenden and Charleville, amalgamated with the Australian Workers' Union [AWU] in 1904 and became the Queensland branches of that Union. By 1908, however, the Hughenden Branch had closed down, leaving just the two other unions to represent Queensland in the AWU.


 1888 - 1889 Central Queensland Labourers Union
       1887 - 1892 Queensland Shearers Union
       1889 - 1892 Queensland Labourers Union
             1892 - 1904 Amalgamated Workers Union of Queensland
                   1905 - 1976 Australian Workers Union (i)
                         1976 - 1988 Australian Workers Union (ii)
                               1988 - 1993 Australian Workers Union (iii)
                                     1993 - AWU-FIME Amalgamated Union

Archival resources

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The Noel Butlin Archives Centre, ANU Archives Program

Published resources


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