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Government Agency entry Industrial Court of New South Wales (1992 - 1996)

New South Wales
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The Industrial Court of New South Wales was established by the Industrial Relations Act, 1991 which was proclaimed on 31 March, 1992. The Court, which assumed responsibility for the judicial functions of the former Industrial Commission of New South Wales.

The Industrial Court had the jurisdiction to hear civil matters and prosecutions under industrial laws as well as matters referred from the Industrial Relations Commission on questions of law.

The court consists of a Chief Judge and those Judges and Acting Judges that are appointed under the Act. The Judges are granted the same rank and remuneration as Judges of the Supreme Court. A judge sitting alone may exercise the jurisdiction of the Industrial Court except in matters where jurisdiction is conferred upon the Full Industrial Court. The Full Industrial Court consists of three judges. Matters which must be heard before the Full Industrial Court include, an appeal from a decision of the Industrial Relations Commission and questions of law that arise in the Industrial Court.

The Industrial Court of New South Wales was abolished on 2 September 1996 when the Industrial Relations Act, 1996 (Act No .17, 1996) amalgamated the Industrial Court with the Industrial Relations Commission.


 1901 - 1912 Court of Arbitration
 1908 - 1912 Industrial Court
       1912 - 1926 Court of Industrial Arbitration
             1926 - 1992 Industrial Commission of New South Wales
                   1992 - 1996 Industrial Court of New South Wales
                         1996 - Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales (ii)

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  • Industrial Relations Commission, 'Industrial Relations Commission: Historical Background', New South Wales Attorney General's Department. Details

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