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Government Agency entry Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales (i) (1992 - 1996)

New South Wales
Regulatory Body


The Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales was established on 31 March, 1992 by the Industrial Relations Act, 1991. The new Commission had the arbitration and conciliation responsibilities previously performed by the Industrial Commission. The Commission was designated as having a seal that is judicially noticed.

The responsibilities of the Commission included industrial dispute resolution, industrial award making, setting employment conditions and regulating unions and employer organisations.

Provision was made for the constitution of Conciliation Committees. These were to consist of a Conciliation Commissioner, who was to act as chair person, and equal numbers of employee and employer representatives. Committee members, other than the Conciliation Commissioner, were to be appointed by the Industrial Registrar.

There is also provision made for the setting up of Contract Regulation Committees, which apply to Public Vehicles and Carriers. A Committee could have been set up by the Commission on its own initiative or upon application by industry members. A Contract Regulation Committee consisted of a Conciliation Commissioner who was also the Chairman, and an equal number of bailors and bailees of public contracts.

The Industrial Relations Act, 1996 commenced on 2 September, 1996 creating the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales (ii), a new body which combined the judicial with the industrial arbitration and conciliation duties.


 1901 - 1912 Court of Arbitration
 1908 - 1912 Industrial Court
       1912 - 1926 Court of Industrial Arbitration
             1926 - 1992 Industrial Commission of New South Wales
                   1992 - 1996 Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales (i)
                         1996 - Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales (ii)

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  • Industrial Relations Commission, 'Industrial Relations Commission: Historical Background', New South Wales Attorney General's Department. Details

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